Return And Refund Policy


Health Vision Australia is committed to providing our valued customers with quality therapeutic products that may assist you in getting the enjoyment of your life back. However, we do understand sometimes refund requests may be made. This policy sets out circumstances in which we may accept returns and provide refunds in respect of a specific issue, at our absolute discretion.

Return and Refund Policy

Return and Refunds are ONLY accepted if your product is faulty, or damaged.

Health Vision Australia will immediately replace or refund any faulty item. We will require that you email us a photo of any defective product you had received. We must be notified of any damage immediately, if that had been occurred during the delivery process,  or within a maximum period of 07 days after your order had been received.

If you are asked to return your products, you will need the following information, most of which will be on your invoice / receipt of order before we can accept a return:

  • Name and contact details of original purchaser
  • Invoice number or order number
  • Description of items
  • Item serial number(s)
  • Date on invoice
  • Whether the product box has been opened
  • Reason for return

You will need to package and address the product for return. Please to obtain the details of the address to return the product, email to:

Any other potential or specific issues can be discussed and resolved on a case-by-case basis,  please contact our customer service on: to resolve.

Please be advised that: We do not give refunds simply because you have changed your mind.


If for any reason the items you choose are not available immediately, we will inform you of this and provide an estimated delivery date should you choose to proceed with the order. Otherwise we will issue with a full refund for the unavailable products, in the unlikely event that we cannot fulfill an order once it has been placed.

  • TENS and Snore Stopper machines contain electrical components and MUST NOT be used in or around water (or fluids). Remove them before entering a bath or shower.
  • SHOULD NOT be used by persons with a cardiac pacemaker.
  • Persons with heart disease or epilepsy should seek approval from their doctor before use.
  • SHOULD NOT be applied internally or used on broken or cracked skin.
  • SHOULD NOT be placed on areas of the skin where normal sensation is absent..
  • USE accordingly to the product manual specification and recommendations.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • NOT to be used whilst pregnant before 35 weeks gestation without prior consultation and specific agreement from your doctor.


NATIONAL SHIPPING (within Australia)

Health Vision Australia services all Australian states and territories.

Orders from our website:  are dispatched daily (excluding weekends and public holidays) – we aim to always offer prompt and timely service.
Online orders can be paid for with credit card using Paypal getaway payment prior to their dispatch.

If the client prefers direct bank transfer to pay please sent a request to:

Orders are freighted via Australia Post and delivered right to your door, so please make certain you provide your address accurately. Health Vision Australia cannot be held responsible for deliveries when an incomplete or incorrect address is provided.
We use Australia Post and trusted couriers to service Australian Cities. Timing to different States and Territories will vary. Below are approximated standard delivery times:

QLD 1-2 days
NSW 2-3 days
VIC 3-4 days
WA and Rural areas can take from 5-10 days.

If you want a special or express delivery please send us an email to or select this, at the moment to check out. Bear in mind that this is optional, as a mean to offer a better service for our clients, nevertheless an extra charge will incur.