Having played cricket throughout my teens I thought I had developed good enough lower back muscles so as to avoid injury. However, when I began playing again a few years ago (aged 24) I didn’t worry about stretching as I thought I was quite fit. I started waking up with severe lower back pain after a day of playing cricket and had been to the physio several times to try and get it fixed. I came across Health Vision’s TENS/EMS and Massage device and thought I’d try it as it cost less than a few trips to the physio and I liked the compact design and the ease of use of the machine. It has a awesome features such as the pre-programmed by doctor’s feature and body map indicators of the pads so you know exactly where the pads are!
I’ve been applying it for the last 3 weeks and the back pain is gone and am back to my normal routine of gym and playing cricket again. I would definitely recommend this machine to anyone who has suffered or suffers regularly from muscle aches and strains after a hard workout or a sporting injury!

– Ben, Nundah, QLD

I constantly suffer with BACK and NECK pain for many years due to heavy lifting as a furniture removalist. I then became a Bus driver where constant sitting causing pain to lower back and neck and shoulder
I was recommended to try the Three in ONE ( Tens/EMS & Massage ) machine from Health Vision’s Pure Care medical device.
I started using this machine and was greeted with instant relief. I can now relax after work and enjoy my social life with relief from constant pain. And more importantly I do not have to visit the physio for months. This machine is saving me a lot of money and time – great investment!
Anyone who suffers with pain should try this COMPACT andUNIQUEmachine which I highly recommend.

– JOHN BILLS, Gold Coast, QLD.

I was a severe migraine sufferer for over 5 years. I have tried all the options available including medications to alleviate the migraine.
The pain would always start from my neck.
I was recommended to try the Health Vision’s Pure Care-Tens/EMS & Massage device- the World Class and unique three in one medical device.
Since I have used this machine I have had wonderful results. My migraines have been few and far between and when I do get one, the Tens machine works its magic. Being battery operated and hand held unit I can use it anywhere I like.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from muscular or migraine pains to try this unique machine.

– Michelle Kelly, Arundel –QLD

I was told by my wife and kids that I snore a lot & loud which often disturbs them immensely.
On recommendation, I tried Health Vision’s Snore Stopper. After a few shaky starts mainly because I did not read the instruction manual properly, my snoring stopped. And my family has not complained from my snoring so it definitely works without disturbance. I believe I’ve made a good investment with the small amount to keep my family happy!
I would like to recommend this Snore Stopper to anyone who has snoring problems and more importantly to keep their family happy!

– Bob Reehal- Southport , QLD

My wife has tried many devices to help to improve or stop her snoring. She also suffers from Sleep Apnea. On recommendation, she started using Health Vision’s Snore Stopper. Within two weeks of continuous use her snore has greatly reduced. Now she is using the machine every day. We both get undisturbed deep sleeps and do not feel tired in the morning when we wake up.
Health Vision’s Snore Stopper, we found to be a very SAFE and DRUG FREE solution to reduce snoring. We are happy to recommend everyone who is suffering from snoring to use this UNIQUE and SAFE little watch.

– Alan Bailey, Hollywell, QLD