Business Opportunity

Nationwide Business Opportunity

Start your own low Cost high profit business in Health Industry. The Health Industry is a billion dollar industry and is growing rapidly. Get your slice of pie selling in High demand, high profit and TGA approved Medical Devices.

TENS, EMS & MASSAGER-  This is  Health Vision’s innovative portable device primarily used for getting instant Pain Relief such as Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Back Pain, Migraine ,etc. This device is not invasive and has no side effects and is a ultimate solution for pain relief.
THE SNORE STOPPER – Reduces the snore intensity and eventually stops the snore. Snoring has very negative effects on the person. Few major effects are- annoying bed partner, 4 times increased risk of a Strok, 3 times increased risk of a heart attack, 7 times increased risk of road accidents, increased blood pressure up to 46 %, increased chances of diabetes by 53 %, etc. Snore Stoppers are also being used for Sleep Apnea. Snore Stopper has a 85 % success rate.


HOT AND COLD PACKS– These are used for minor injury pain relief.


All these products are being sold at trade shows, kiosks, storefront, online stores, clinic, wellness centers and sports clubs.


We offer attractive wholesale price to dealers, chiropractors, physical therapists, physicians, physical trainers and individuals who are keen to start their own business.
We always guarantee the best quality, best price and best service for our products along with a Money Back Guarantee.

Our all products meet Australian Standards. Health Vision products are registered with the Australian Government under the Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA).


You can start your own High Profitable business with minimum capital. Vendor finance may also be available to eligible clients.  To find out more please fill in the following application form.